Name A Legacy of Elegance: Oracle Bones Collection from The Chinese University of Hong Kong
PublisherThe Chinese University of Hong Kong Press
Publishing Date (Year - Month) 2017-07
Language中文 & English
Binding FormatPaperback
Size 21cm X 29cm
Weight 1.34 kg
Price HKD$ 350.00
Remark本書由香港中文大學聯合書院、大學圖書館、文物館及中文大學出版社聯合出版,以中英雙語向公眾和學界介紹中大珍藏的共七十一版甲骨,是香港地區收藏甲骨為數最多者。全書包括兩大部分:李宗焜博士的〈序說〉及甲骨著錄,詳細考釋甲骨文內容;何碧琪博士兩篇專文,從這批甲骨揭示二十世紀粵港甲骨學的源流、香港學者的貢獻,及文物館藏甲骨書法的面貌。 The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is the largest repository of oracle bones in Hong Kong, including forty-four oracle bones donated by Mr. Deng Erya’s family to United College and twenty-seven by Prof. Lee Yim to the Art Museum. The specialist catalogue edited by Dr. Li Zong-kun is intended for both the expert and the uninitiated yet educated reader. The two essays written by Dr. Ho Pik Ki, Peggy of Art Museum, CUHK reveal the close relationship between and achievement of oracle-bones studies and art of the University.