Name Lui Shou-kwan: A Modern Artist in Hong Kong
PublisherArt Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Publishing Date (Year - Month) 2023-04
LanguageEnglish Only
Binding FormatHandcover
Size 24cm X 32cm
Weight 1.55 kg
Price HKD$ 900.00
RemarkThis book and the accompanying exhibition “Ink Play: Paintings by Lui Shou-kwan” examines the important Hong Kong painter Lui Shou-kwan, while reflecting on an alternative modern art that reached America but flourished elsewhere. It is divided into four chapters focusing on the artist’s mindset. The first chapter outlines Lui’s internal struggles and chronicles his development as both an artist and thinker. The second chapter examines Lui’s methodical learning and penetrating reinterpretation of classical painting. The third chapter explores Lui’s grasp of Western art and his insights on the parallels between classical Chinese and modern Western art, which informed his vision for the future development of Chinese art. The fourth chapter argues how Lui’s transcendent vision - his intuitive approach to modern Western and classical Chinese art dispels polarization maintained by other conventionally minded artists – culminates in his signature Zen painting.

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