Name Cast for Dignity – Early Chinese Belt Hooks from the De-Neng-Tang Collection
Related ExhibitionLink to related exhibition
PublisherArt Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Publishing Date (Year - Month) 2024-02
Language中文 及 English
Binding FormatPaperback
Size 22 X 28
Weight 1.05 kg
Price HKD$ 480.00
Remark本刊包括研究專文以及「霜雪明金玄鈎沉」特展的展品介紹,呼應展覽以德能堂所藏帶鈎為中心,探索華夏早期帶鈎的鑄造與裝飾,並對相關考古資料試作闡發。This publication features research essays and exhibit introductions for the “Cast for Dignity” exhibition. With a focus on the belt hooks from the De-Neng-Tang Collection, it delves into the casting and decoration of the belt hook in early China, and attempts to shed new light on the interpretation of related archaeological findings.

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