Name Mascot red packet (20 pieces per pack)
Size 8.8 X 17cm
Weight 120.00 g
Price HKD$ 38.00
Remark【中大文物館吉祥物 Mascot of the Art Museum of CUHK】 牠來自文物館館藏綠松石雙面肖形印,造型與1978年河北平山戰國晚期中山國王墓出土錯銀青銅翼獸及漢代流行的鎮墓神獸——天祿、辟邪相似。真·吉祥物也!It comes from a turquoise seal from our collection. We believe that it is our mascot as it is comparable to a bronze animal with silver inlaid from the burial of the King of the Zhongshan State of the late Warring States period in Pingshan, Hebei, and also to tianlu and bixie, common tomb guarding divine and auspicious animals of the Han period.