Name Artistic Confluence in Guangdong: Selected Painting and Calligraphy from Ming to Mid-Qing China (Collection of the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
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PublisherThe Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Publishing Date (Year - Month) 2021-03
Language中文 及 English
Binding FormatFlexibound
Size 24.4cm X 32cm
Weight 2.22 kg
Price HKD$ 550.00
Remark本書由文物館何碧琪博士編撰,這是從靜水流深至廣納百川的回溯與重塑的歷程,透過館藏廣東書畫精品及深入淺出的文字,引領讀者重新思考廣東文化精英的思想源流與藝術、文化及歷史的關係。在文物館金禧館慶之際,特此紀念廣東先賢們為實踐經世致用、爭取在全國知識界佔一席位所付出超乎常人的努力和熱誠。Written and compiled by Dr. Peggy Pik-ki Ho of the Art Museum of CUHK, this publication is a journey of retrospection and reconstruction of Guangdong painting and calligraphy from CUHK’s collection with in-depth and original research. It leads the readers to delve into the mindset of Guangdong cultural elites in relation to arts, culture, and history. On the occasion of celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the Art Museum, we hereby commemorate the unparalleled efforts and enthusiasm of these pioneers in their quest for applying their learned knowledge of statecraft to practical affairs and contributing to the nation’s intellectual legacy.
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