Name Transcending Transience : Art and Culture of Late-Ming Jiangnan
PublisherArt Museum and Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Publishing Date (Year - Month) 2021-03
Language中文 & English
Binding FormatPaperback
Size 21cm X 30cm
Weight 3.92 kg
Price HKD$ 800.00
Remark本圖錄一套三冊,收錄三篇專文,並將圖文並茂地展示來自上海博物館、香港公私收藏以及海外博物館藏晚明藝術精品約200件(套),以此呈現晚明豐富多彩的物質生活與獨具特色的藝文風貌。Three-volume catalogue featuring three essays and 200 sets of objects from Shanghai Museum, public and private collections in Hong Kong and overseas museums to illustrate the artistically and culturally vibrant period of late Ming.
Table of Contents

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