Name Green Luminosity: Yaozhou Wares from the Shang Shan Tang Collection
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PublisherArt Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Publishing Date (Year - Month) 2023-09
Language中文 及 English
Binding FormatHandcover
Size 24cm X 31cm
Weight 2.91 kg
Price HKD$ 870.00
Remark《青妝泯火:上善堂藏耀州窯瓷器》圖錄由沖繩縣立藝術大學森達也教授主編,包括森達也教授的學術論文,以及山西大學劉輝教授的研究。圖錄共有三個單元——青者為上、瓷技至善、器蘊滿堂,分別探討耀州窯瓷器的時代發展、裝飾技法和文化內涵。Green Luminosity: Yaozhou Wares from the Shang Shan Tang Collection, was edited by Professor Mori Tatsuya from the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, including the scholarly contribution by Professor Mori Tatsuya and the research work by Professor Liu Hui from the Shanxi University. The three chapters are “The Supreme Green”, “The Pinnacle of Ceramic Craftsmanship” and “Appealing to Refined Taste”, focusing respectively on the chronological development, decorative techniques and cultural connotation of the Yaozhou wares.