For Blessings and Guidance: the Qianlong Emperor’s Design for State Sacrificial Vessels
Exhibition Period: From 26 January 2019 to 5 May 2019
Venue: Gallery I, Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

With significant donations from Dr. Iain Clark and Mr. Anthony Cheung of Huaihaitang, the Art Museum now boasts the largest repository of Qing ritual vessels outside of the Palace Museum. Made primarily of glazed porcelains after ancient bronzes, Qing ritual vessels have been overlooked by ceramics experts and bronze specialists. However, these objects were of utmost significance in activating state rituals during the Qing period. The Qianlong emperor took it upon himself to standardize the forms of these objects to ensure that the rites were performed properly. This exhibition investigates the production and function of this distinct group of objects.