Heart to Heart⁣ Talks
What will an abbot, a doctor, a working mother, a hike leader, students, a hairdresser, a coffee shop owner and a painter tell our curators about the treasures in CUHK? Stay tuned for the broadcast! (Click the corresponding link to watch the video)

Episode 1: Art of Zen: Soul-searching with the Abbot
Episode 2: Moral and Ritual Duty: the Doctor’s Touch
Episode 3: Domestic Muses: Classic Crockery for the Working Mum
Episode 4: Rendezvous with Nature: Epic Proportions for the Hike Leader
Episode 5: Money Matters: Writing Etiquette for the Students
Episode 6: The Mane Event: Layered Treatment for the Hairdresser
Episode 7: Liquid Gold: Bittersweet for the Coffee Shop Owner
Episode 8: Hope Springs Eternal: States of Mind of the Painter

Language: Cantonese

Subtitles: Chinese and English

We are deeply grateful to the Friends of the Art Museum for sponsoring the video series.

Heart to Heart Talks