Life is art. What stories do people from different walks of life want to share when encountering the treasures in the Art Museum of CUHK?
Click the links below to watch the talks between our curators and guests. 
We will keep releasing new episodes of our video series “Art Encounters”. Stay tuned!

Episode 1:  Canton Enamel
Episode 2:  Armorial Porcelains
Episode 3: Ceramics in the Waves
Episode 4: Listen to the Hollow Brick
Episode 5: Big Cat Small Cat
Episode 6: Pass It On (Part 1) 
Pass It On (Part 2) 
Episode 7: Welcome to this Museum
Episode 8: Experiencing Himalayas
Episode 9: A Walk in Landscape Painting
Episode 10:  Botanical Wonders on Enamelware
Episode 11: Motherhood Then and Now
Episode 12: Handmade through Time
Episode 13: Enlightening Resonance

Language: Cantonese / Putonghua
Subtitles: Chinese and English

We are deeply grateful to the Lo Kwee Seong Foundation for sponsoring the video series.

Art Encounters