Recording of 'Jewels of Transcendence' Live Sessions

【Himalayan Art】Prof. Xu Xiaodong on Three Accessories with Kirtimukha and OthersChinese & EnglishPutonghua
【Himalayan Art】Dr. Katherine Anne Paul on a Votive Panel and Three NecklacesChinese & EnglishEnglish
【Himalayan Art】Prof. Li Qinpu on a Iron seal damascened in gold and silverChinese & EnglishPutonghua
【Himalayan and Mongolian Art】Dr. Zhan Zhenpeng on Two Statue Ornaments and OthersChinese & EnglishPutonghua
【Mongolian Art】Ms. Zhang Tong on Mongolian Knife Sets and HeaddressesChinese & EnglishPutonghua
【Exhibition Origin】Ms. Betty Lo on Collecting and the 'Jewels of Transcendence' ExhibitionChinese & EnglishPutonghua