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“Enchanting Expeditions” Wednesday Lectures

Lecture 1: Introducing “Enchanting Expeditions: Chinese Trade Porcelains across the Globe”Dr. Wang GuanyuPutonghua
Lecture 2: Chinoiserie and Ming-Qing Trade PorcelainsMs. Huang JingPutonghua
Lecture 3: International Trade and Trade Porcelains in Ming-Qing China Dr. Li QingxinPutonghua
Lecture 4: The Beginnings of Dutch Trade in Asia and Shipments of Chinese Porcelain, 1595-ca.1622Dr. Christine KetelEnglish
Lecture 5: Imari Wares Designated for European Market in 17th to 18th CenturyDr. Kobayashi HitoshiPutonghua
Lecture 6: Jingdezhen to the World: Chinese Export Porcelain from the Late Ming DynastyDr. Teresa CanepaEnglish

Art Encounters

Canton EnamelChinese & EnglishCantonese
Armorial PorcelainsChinese & EnglishCantonese
Ceramics in the WavesChinese & EnglishCantonese