Hong Kong Impressions: Wucius Wong's Innovations in Ink-Capturing Quintessential Hong Kong 

Date: 19 Nov 2020 (Thurs)
Time: 8:30pm HKT
Review: Youtube (Click Here)
This program will be broadcast in English with Chinese and English subtitles.

About the talk:
Renowned international artist Wucius Wong is reunited with paintings he created over six decades earlier as he was experimenting with ink in Hong Kong.
Mark Barnekow, Executive Director of the University of Chicago, Francis and Rose Yuen Campus Hong Kong, interviews the artist as the two reflect upon Hong Kong as subject of Wong’s paintings in the 1950s-1970s, the cultural ethos of place, and the emerging artistic influencers and movements in Hong Kong long since past. Prof. Wong will share his reflections of Hong Kong from a time when the city was transitioning from quaint port town to mega-city. The two will discuss contrasts between Hong Kong’s explosive growth and the United States as well as the influences of the post-war American art scene on Wong’s career.

Prof. Wucius Wong (Adjunct Professor, Fine Arts Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Mark Barnekow (Executive Director, The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong)

Co-organized by The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong & Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Hong Kong Impressions: Wucius Wong Innovations in Ink - Capturing Quintessential Hong Kong