To mark the 50th anniversary of the Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), the Art Museum is organizing a series of Golden Jubilee celebration programmes in 2021.  We will keep updating the programme list. Stay tuned!

Current Exhibitions

Current Activities


January - July


Celebrating the Year of the Ox
Artistic Confluence in Guangdong
Amazing Clay
- The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Chinese Painting 


Mascot Naming Contest
“Celebrating the Year of the Ox” Booklet & Games
“Artistic Confluence in Guangdong” Online Talk Series I – Talk 1
- "Macau-Guangzhou-Hong Kong and Oversea Trade in the Qing Dynasty" Online Talk
“Artistic Confluence in Guangdong” Online Talk Series I – Talk 2
- "Porcelain Commissioned by the Portuguese and the Beginning of Sino-European Maritime Trade" Online Talk  
- Launch of Google Arts & Culture 
“Artistic Confluence in Guangdong” Online Talk Series I – Talk 3
- "Emperors’ Gifts: The Encounter between the Qing Imperial Workshops and the Canton Trade" Online Talk
- "Artistic Confluence in Guangdong" Online Talk Series I – Talk 4 
International Museum Day Programme: Introducing the "Transcending Transience" Project 
"Archaeological Discoveries in Sacred Hill Site, Kowloon, Hong Kong" Online Talk
- "Early Chinese Investment Casting in Comparative Perspective: Metallurgical Evidence from the Pre-Han China and Its Cultural Frontiers" Online Talk
"The New Ruling Order and Reconstruction of the Bronze Industry in the Han’s Southern Frontiers: Cases Studies of Bronzes from Hunan and Northern Vietnam" online talk



50th Anniversary Celebration Programmes