Time Travel • Hong Kong
Recently, local tourism has flourished in Hong Kong. In addition to discovering obscure attractions across Hong Kong, how about travelling through time with artists and “travel bloggers” from the last century? CUHK Art Museum proudly presents three virtual tours that juxtapose current street views with landscape paintings and coloured slides from the 1940s to the 1970s on Google Earth. We have also prepared a travel companion booklet for you! Now sit back, relax and join us in re-visiting the Pearl of the Orient that charmed artists and poets!

Time Travel Guide (English version): https://online.flippingbook.com/view/1027356/ 

Demonstration video: https://youtu.be/amhAzey6jE8  

Virtual tours:
Hong Kong Island


The New Territories

"Time Travel • Hong Kong" is generously sponsored by GS Charity Foundation.

*Paintings/coloured slides are linked with street views to the best of our knowledge. We welcome the community’s input to improve the tours. Please contact us if you have any suggestions.

** The content of the Time Travel Guide and the texts accompanying the tours are based on the research articles by Prof. Pedith Pui Chan and Dr. Vivian Ting Wing Yan, and entries by Prof. Pedith Pui Chan, Dr. Vivian Ting Wing Yan, Prof. Josh Yiu and Dr. Phil Chan in Hong Kong Impressions (2020) as well as research and interpretation by Ms. Heidi Wong, Ms. Sophia Tam and Ms. Hoi Ching Kwok.

*** The literary quotes are research findings of Prof. Chan, Dr. Ting and their team, English translation is done by Ms. Heidi Wong, Ms. Sophia Tam and Ms. Lucia Chan.

Time Travel • Hong Kong