Celebrating the Year of the Rat
Exhibition Period: From 13 June 2020 to 29 November 2020
Venue: Gallery II, Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) presents the exhibition "Celebrating the Year of the Rat" starting from 13 June 2020, demonstrating the rich meanings of rats in Chinese culture.

2020 is the Year of the Rat in traditional astrology. Belonging to the rodent family, rats are one of the oldest mammals in the world. Chinese literary references to the miniature nibblers are very often negative in nature. Nevertheless, as our close neighbour throughout human history, people also discover inspiration from some of their characteristics. For example, their strong ability to adapt and breed has become an auspicious symbol of prosperity.

This exhibition features over ten artifacts on rats and their relatives such as squirrels and bats from the Art Museum. Dated from as early as the Qing dynasty, the fine selection of exhibits covers a diversity of artworks including high-quality porcelain, ink stone as well as Lingnan paintings.