Embrace Art at Home
Stay at home and be an expert at art! The online learning resources of Art Museum help you to keep in touch with art at home, check out the links below to embrace art! (Only bilingual materials are listed here, for a complete list including Chinese-only materials, please refer to the Chinese version of this website.)

Rubbings of Stone Engraving and Model Calligraphy
Stele for Xia Cheng
Lanting Preface, Imperial Court version with the ling character topped by a shan radical
The Stele of Huashan Temple (Shunde version)
Ouyang Xun's Inscription on the Sweet Spring in the Jiucheng Palace
Rubbing Demonstration

Zhou Zhimian - Hundred Flowers
Ge Zhengqi - Landscape
Wen Chu - Playing Butterflies
Cai Han - Pine Trees after Xia Chang
Story of Two-Colour Mounting
Lingnan Painting Demonstration

Ancient Chinese Gold Techniques
Splashing Method
Gold and Silver Inlaying
Wire Twisting and Engraving

Embrace Art at Home