Prof. Josh YiuDirectorB.A.(The University of Chicago), D.Phil.(University of Oxford)
Research Interests:Archaistic vessels for devotional purpose; Twentieth-century Chinese painting; Qing material culture; History of collecting; Museum management; Art and technology
Research Projects:
  • Lui Shou-kwan and the modern ink movement(Ongoing)
  • Chinese artduring WWII (Ongoing)
  • Digitizing the Sheng Xuanhuai Archive(3/2014 to present)
Dr. Ho Pik Ki, PeggyResearch FellowB.S.Sc., M.Phil.(CUHK), Ph.D. (National Taiwan University), Member of the Xiling Seal Engraver's
Research Interests:Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Studies of Chinese Rubbings, Literati Culture of the Qing Dynasty and Guangdong
Research Projects:
  • A Restudy of the Ten Treasures of Bei Shan Tang (2022-2023)
  • Guangdong Scholar-officials, Merchants and Literati in the Mid-Qing Dynasty (2022-2023)
Dr. Chan Kwun Nam, PhilAssociate Curator (Painting and Calligraphy)B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (CUHK) 39437409
Research Interests:The Ming, Qing and Modern Chinese calligraphy and painting, including the relation between Chinese poem and painting, and the history of connoisseurship and collecting
Research Projects:
  • Principal Investigator, "Studies of Chinese Letters in the Collection of the Princeton University Art Museum, and Art Museum, CUHK", Princeton University Art Museum, and Art Museum, CUHK, 2019 to present.
  • Co-investigator, "The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Chinese Painting", sponsored by the Bei Shan Tang Foundation, Art Museum, CUHK, 2015-2019.
  • Co-investigator, "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, an online catalogue of the Seattle Art Museum", sponsored by the J. Paul Getty Foundation, Seattle Art Museum, 2011-2013.
Dr. Wang Guanyu, SamanthaAssociate Curator (Antiquities)B.A., M.Phil. (Peking University), Ph.D. (CUHK)
Research Interests:History of Chinese ceramics; Maritime trade ceramics; Transnational history of material culture and the early modern globalization
Research Projects:
  • Principal Investigator, "Enchanting Expeditions: Chinese Trade Porcelains across the Globe", Art Museum, CUHK, 2019 to present.
  • Co-investigator, "Ming Princes and Porcelain: The Porcelain Production and Consumption of Princely Households in the Ming Dynasty", sponsored by the General Research Fund (GRF), 2018 to present.
  • Principal Investigator, "Refilling the Interregnum: Newly Discovered Imperial Porcelains from Zhengtong, Jingtai and Tianshun Reigns of the Ming Dynasty", Art Museum, CUHK, 2017-2019.
Dr. Tong Yu, SamAssociate Research FellowB.A. (Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art), M.A.(HKUST), Ph.D.(CUHK)
Research Interests:Chinese painting and calligraphy, iconography, history of art collecting, material culture, art techniques, gold and silver
Research Projects:
  • Ancient Chinese Gold Techniques; collaborate with the conservation office of LCSD and Chow Tai Fook master studio; Phase I(2016 to 2018), Phase II(2019 to 2023), Phase III (TBC).
  • Anthony Cheung's collection of Qianlong's court art.
  • Art collecting in late Qing China, with focuses of bureaucrat and merchant collectors like Yan Shiqing(1868-1928) and Sheng Xuanhuai(1844-1916).
  • Museum collections study.
Dr Chow Ying-ching, JoycePostdoctoral FellowB.A. and M.Phil. (National Taiwan University), DPhil (University of Oxford)
Research Interests:The Qing imperial art; the culture of Chinese collections; History of Chinese paintings; the exchange between East Asia and the West in early modern period
Research Projects:
  • Canton export art (ongoing)
  • Canton enamels (ongoing)
  • The Qianlong Emperor's collection (2015-2020)
Mr. Lung Tak Chun, LouisAssistant CuratorB.A., M.Phil. (CUHK) 6245
Research Interests:Calligraphy and Paintings of the Ming and Qing dynasties, Ming-dynasty letters and literati circles, the visual culture of rubbings through the Song to Qing dynasties, Chinese archaic bronzes and inscriptions in catalogues
Research Projects:
  • Study of Shang and Zhou Bronzes (2011–13, 2015–2017)
  • Study of the Wong Family's collection and the Xiaohuafang Studio (From 2022)