Green Luminosity: Yaozhou Wares from the Shang Shan Tang Collection
Exhibition Period: From 25 August 2023 to 30 December 2023
Venue: Gallery II, Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Famous both in China and abroad, the Yaozhou kilns of Huangbao, Tongchuan, Shaanxi were both founded and became fully functional during the Tang Dynasty. They gradually matured and developed their own unique style during the Five Dynasties and reached their peak during the Northern Song Dynasty, earning widespread renown for their engraved celadon wares. They maintained a high standard of craftsmanship throughout the Jin Dynasty but started to show signs of decline during the Yuan Dynasty. The main kiln sites were finally replaced by those at Chenlu during the Ming Dynasty, which continued through the Qing Dynasty and Republican Era until now.

The Shang Shan Tang collection is one of the few private collections in China focused on Yaozhou ceramic wares. With over one hundred pieces of Yaozhou wares, it is currently the largest private collection of its type. Its holdings are not only greatly varied in kind but also are of high quality. There are specimens with both classic and extremely rare forms. Most of its holdings date to the Northern Song Dynasty, while there are also items from the Tang, Five Dynasties, and Jin. These cover the Golden Age of the Yaozhou kilns and provide a unique testimony of the kilns’ history.

The exhibition is divided into 3 sections, “The Supreme Green”, “The Pinnacle of Ceramic Craftsmanship” and “Appealing to Refined Taste”. In the first section, to showcase the beauty of the glazes of the Yaozhou wares, items are grouped by glaze colour and ordered based on chronological development. When selecting display pieces, priority was given to plain items to highlight the evolution of celadon glaze. “The Pinnacle of Ceramic Craftsmanship” focuses on decorative techniques, including engraving, molding, and carving, which are characteristics of Yaozhou celadon wares. The last section of the exhibition focuses on cultural connotation, using the interpretable decorative patterns of wares as an entry point into this topic.

All members of the public are welcome. Free admission. 
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Exhibition catalogue: Green Luminosity: Yaozhou Wares from the Shang Shan Tang Collection