Exhibition Planning and Design

Date and Duration

10.05.2020 – 22.05.2020, 13 days in total (7 days in Hong Kong; 6 days in Japan)


Seminars: Art Museum, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Field trips: Museums and Art Institutions in Hong Kong and Kansai area of Japan


  • Seminars and discussions

    Museum experts from home and abroad will be invited to share their experiences in seminars. Discussions will be held after each session.

  • Field trips

    Participants will visit major museums and art institutions in Hong Kong and Kansai area of Japan. Exhibition critique and inter-institutional exchange sessions will be arranged.

  • Forum

    Each participant has to make a presentation on a case of exhibition planning or design they have taken charge of. Participants will be assigned to different panels according to the nature of their case and discussion will be held for each panel.

  • Dialogue

    Seasoned experts will exchange their views on issues related to exhibition planning and design and open the floor for discussion.

  • Micro-exhibition proposal presentation and commentary

    Participants’ group presentations on a proposed micro-exhibition, followed by a commentary and discussion session. Group list and requirements will be announced two months before the start of the Programme. Research and brainstorming in advance are advised.


Museum professionals with at least three years of working experience in the field. Job duties’ relevance to the programme theme is required.

Admission Quota and Fees

24 participants will be admitted in total. The fee is HKD$25,000*, which covers hotel accommodation (shared room, with breakfast) in Hong Kong and Japan, return air tickets for the field trip, administrative fee and a non-refundable application fee.
*Travelling and daily expenses, insurance and visa fees are not included; Bank charges are to be borne by the participants. $5,000 will be waived for Hong Kong participants who do not require accommodation in Hong Kong.

Medium of Instruction

Mandarin and English. Ability to conduct basic communication in these two languages is required.

Financial Aid

A limited quota of financial aid is available for programme applicants. All the applications will be passed to the Programme Committee for assessment and approval based on the applicants’ actual needs. No more than half of the programme fee shall be waived for successful applicants. Please refer to the Apply page for more details.


Participants who have attended more than 80% of the programme and submitted a report within two weeks upon completion will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance by the Art Museum.


Application Deadline is 19 August 2019 (Mon). Please refer to the Apply page.